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Molini Family History

We are a decendent of an Italian family that apparently sailed to the Americas from Genoa, Italy sometime in the late 1800s. We are not 100% sure, but we have heard that our great-great grandfather's name was Giuseppe (Jose ?) Molini born in the late 1700s or very early 1800s He was married to a Geronima Duke (?). They had two sons who sailed to the Americas in different boats. Apparently one boat came via the south, possibly via Mexico and the other via northern america.

All the above we cannot verify, however we can confirm the following facts from the United States Thirteenth Census report taken in 1910 in Val Verde County in Texas of our great grandfather:

  Louis Molini, male/white, nationality Italian
  Age at time of census was age 61
  Immigrated to US in 1879
  Married for 18 years to Santos Guajardo
  Santos Guajardo was 41, female/white, nationality mexican
      Louisa age 17, female
      Jose age age 15, male
      Carlotta age 10, female
      Pancho age 8, male, our grandfather

Pancho Molini became our grandfather. He married a Josepha Rios. They somehow ended up in the small Texas city named Del Rio situated less than 5 miles from the mexican border. From them were born Luis, Henry, twins Joe and Mary, Benny, and Francisco Jr.

Francisco Jr became my father. He married Olivia Trevino who was born in Mexico. From them my sisters and brother are Frank III, Annette, Rosario, Norma, Yolanda and Guadalupe. My father passed away from cancer in 1989. My mom, sisters and brother still live in Texas. We grew up in Del Rio also and our mother tongue was mexican until we went to school and we took on english. However our language is a mix of mexican and english.
I currently live in Helsinki, Finland however I do have plans for relocation.

Well this is all we know about our family history. Please be sure to contact me if you have some new details of relevence to this or to let me know of inaccuracies. Of special interest is the other brother that migrated to US and the parents of Louis Molini.

Also please accept my apologies if I have in any way offended you with any information here. My only objective is to put together our family tree.

To contact me please write an email to:
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