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Rogelio Molini
Bithdate: 14 July 1960
Horoscope: Cancer

Yes that is me up there at age 46.
How I ever made it this long is a fate of destiny. Most friends call me Roy. I got that name in second grade after my second grade teacher couldn't pronounce Rogelio. Some people say Rogelio should be Roger in english and Roy would be Raul in spanish. Oh well, too late for that now.

I have lived in Helsinki, Finland since February 1989. How I made it here and why is again a fate of destiny. If you are interested to know how, well read it from here: My brief Autobiography

Living in Finland has been interesting. The extremely difficult language has been quite a challenge for me and quite an obstacle to my development, career-wise, even if opportunities were available. But despite that, I have no big regrets except missing my family in Texas. I haven't been able to visit them as often as I'd like.

Being situated in Finland however has provided me the opportunity to travel and see many countries. Todate I have visited besides Finland, America and Mexico, Sweden, Norway, Denmank, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Iceland, Russia, Estonia, France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece and Malysia, and recently Thailand. The Russian, Malaysian and Thailand trips were exciting. The Italian trip was a childhood dream come true.

But I must say that of all these travels, the most facinating and unforgetable moments of my life have been camping with my dear friend in Iceland and Norway. To both of these countries we took on an adventure of a lifetime. We drove hundreds of kilometers and camped almost every night at different exotic places. Usually we chose these places based on the scenery, existence of river, bay, ocean or lake, peacefulness and the seclusion. Sometimes we spent hours looking for a suitable place and sometimes we didn't manage, but when we did, the site was memorable. Here are maps that show our approximate routes:
  » Iceland 2003 in 12 days
  » West coast-North Norway 2004 in 17 days
  » South Norway 2006 in 12 days

We took hundreds of pictures, however unfortunately I couldn't place all of them in my album, so a few can be seen here on my web page by clicking on the Photos link above.

On April 15th I vacationed 2 weeks in Bangkok, Thailand. The trip was more than a vacation for it was also what could be the turning point in my life. I went there to meet the lady that could very well become the person I've searched for high and low. My son Benjamin and Oliver were vacationing for the summer in USA meeting relatives, so I figured this was a great opportunity for me to head off as well. It stated off bad because my Finnair flight delay caused me to miss my connecting flight at Munich. But they made well by placing me on ThaiAir. I've never had such great service ever. My vacation turned out to be amazing! More than I ever expected and a great relief. The people were so friendly and warm that I really felt at home. Even the slums kinda felt like my backyard :D.
When I arrived, my lady Nonglak met me at the airport and accompanied me the whole time. While there we visited the families of her 2 brothers and 2 sisters. They were great and doing quite well. We then took a night long train to her parents home Thung Song in south Thailand. At this point I have to say first of all that I was met in Thung Song by the most hospitable and warm loving people I have ever met. Not only were her parents there, but also her parent's close friends and sister's family. They immediately took us and hosted us to a traditional Thai breakfast. Totally awesome! Oh they are so beautiful people. During that weekend we went west towards Phuket to the Ao Nang Beach. The site's rock formations were so cool, the sand was so fine, so beautiful and the day warm. Along the way and in Thung Song we visited sites of sleeping Buddhas. Sadly our weekend ended and everyone saw us off to Bangkok at the train station, some with tears and others with a great warm feeling.
At Bangkok we visited the Grand Palace and Temple of Emerald Buddha. That was a totally awesome place. I took tons of pictures.
Finally the dreary day to say goodbye arrived. Nonglak accompanied me to the airport. We said out goodbyes and promised to meet again in October.
Like I said I took tons of pictures however due to space limitations on this web site I can only place a few. So enjoy!

Please be aware that all the pictures shown on my web page are Copywrite property of ours so I ask you not to use any of them for any commercial use without explicit permission from us. Thanks again. :)

Well that it about me in a nutshell. I hope you found this interesting.
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